Coming in for the entire weekend?  We hope so!  Philadelphia is full of many exciting historic sites, restaurants, museums, events, and more.  We have compiled a list below of some of our favorites, but it is definitely NOT comprehensive.  Philadelphia is the 5th biggest city in the country and brings activities for everyone. 
Here are some of our favorite activities (and for even more ideas, please see Philly's 'To Do' website)

Historic Sites
Betsy Ross House
See the birthplace of our flag!
Liberty Bell
See the Liberty Bell - cracks and all.
Independence Hall
See where America began - defying the King of England.  What can be more historic than the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?
Edgar Allan Poe House
Okay, so this has nothing to do with the founding of the country, but I love Poe and I love this house.  Watch out for the ravens!
City Hall
See this architectural and historical City Hall, designed by William Penn.
Carpenter's Hall
This is the site of the first Continental Congress.  (We tried to have our wedding ceremony here!)
Congress Hall
The home of our Congress from 1790-1800.
Declaration (Graff) House
See where Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.
Eastern State Penitentiary
Yes, this is an old jail.  But you can see Al Capone's old jail cell!

Art Museum
(Cue Rocky music.)  This is the third largest art museum in the country, an incredible must-see attraction.  More importantly, you can run the steps like Rocky.  (Come with a lot of energy.  It's hard.)
Franklin Institute
This is an incredible museum.  In fact, it was a close 2nd as a wedding site!  It was one of Julia's favorites as a child and still remains amazing.  It's a science museum full of hands-on exhibits - great for all ages.  Make sure to walk through the big heart.
Please Touch Museum
Designed for kids, but who doesn't love museums where you are encouraged to touch everything?  And, it has a carousel.
This is the largest collection of Rodin's sculptures outside of France.  It's truly stunning.
National Constitution Center
Only one exhibit will be open at our wedding, so going during museum hours to check out this new museum about the Constitution.  They will be featuring a Bruce Springsteen exhibit in July!
Camden Aquarium
It's in Camden, not Philadelphia, but you can get there via subway, ferry, or driving and it's well worth it!  It's the fifth largest aquarium in the country.
American Philosophical Society Museum
Founded by Ben Franklin, this is the country's oldest museum!
Battleship New Jersey
This is another Camden attraction.  It was the flagship of Admiral "Bull" Halsey.
National Museum of American Jewish History
This relatively new museum is the only one in the world specifically focused on the history of American Jews.

Reading Terminal
This historic indoor farmer's market is full of amazing food of all kinds as well as lots of arts and crafts.
Italian Market
Get all sorts of fresh food and enjoy the atmosphere of this market that has been in existence from the 1880s.  It's the oldest outdoor market in the country.
City Tavern
Started in 1773, the City Tavern was the favorite watering hole of our founding fathers.
Dim Sum
Philadelphia has a number of wonderful dim sum restaurants (Chinese brunch) that are worth checking out.  There are probably many more, but we recommend Joy Tsin Lau, the Imperial Inn, and Golden Phoenix.

Outdoors and Walking
Philadelphia Zoo
Who doesn't love animals?!?  It's a big zoo - AND for bonus points, Julia worked in the Conservation Center for a summer in high school (only zoo employees were allowed to see the baby tigers, so what else was a girl to do but get a job there???  Please note: the tigers are no longer kitten sized.)
Philadelphia Phillies
Check out the best baseball team (okay, Matt, I'll be less controversial and say the best National League baseball team.)  They have a home game Friday night against the Braves and Matt and I hope to attend.  We'll post on the website if we do and purchase standing room tickets so others can easily join!
Franklin Square
One of the original five squares of Philadephia (the others are worth visiting as well) Franklin Square is now a fountain of fun - a carousel, mini golf course, and more!
Love Park
See the iconic LOVE statue in this park by City Hall.
Penn's Landing
In nice weather this is a gorgeous riverfront site.  See the Delaware River, take a ferry ride, or enjoy some of the many activities happening here.
South Street
This is just an eclectic street - a great place to walk around.  It ends at Penn's Landing and features tons of shops and restaurants of all kinds.
Fairmount Park
At 9,200 acres, this is one of the biggest city park systems in the world.  You can just walk around and enjoy the weather or go for a picnic, bike ride, horseback riding, or more.  There are many arboretums and gardens here as well.

A Little Farther Away... (but worth it!)
Valley Forge
A 30-40 minute drive from Center City will get you to Valley Forge - the 1777-1778 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General Washington.  Today it's full of history and absolutely gorgeous.
Longwood Gardens
Located about 30 miles from Philadelphia, Longwood Gardens features gorgeous, outdoor gardens with luscious flowers.
chris farrell
6/11/2012 04:20:03 am

As Matt knows Rom our first campaign experience together in the '07 Mayoral Primary, make sure to feed your parking meters at least 5 Mins. before their run out time!

On a sentimental note, I remember the first time meeting Julia with Matt in a run down Columbus, Ohio hotel before we were all dispatched across the state in April of '08. I could tell right then how amazing they were for each other, and I could see how much my buddy Matt was smitten with Julia. Iwas sure they would be together for quite some time. I am so happy for you both and cannot wait for July 8th!


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