After sifting through dozens of photographers both locally and up and down the east coast, we finally
settled on one who was right here under our nose all along. In the latest addition to our wedding
festivities, we are pleased to announce that Joe Foley Photography will be the official documenter of our
special day. Located here in DC, we found Joe after perusing a campaign friend’s wedding album online
and fell in love with his strong artistic flair and distinct gift for capturing pictures in just the right light.
After meeting with him over drinks, we quickly realized that he was a perfect fit and we were excited to
officially sign him a few days ago.
But that is not all. In addition to taking pictures of us and the wedding party, Joe and his colleague will
also be hosting a side “photo booth” session for guests throughout most of the reception. For those who
don’t know, a photo booth is basically an opportunity for guests to take group or individual pictures in
what would be the coolest school yearbook picture shoot ever. With different props, hand-held chalk
boards, and other fun tools, guests will have a two hour period after dinner where they can get their
picture taken free of charge, the results of which will be sent to us on a DVD after we get back from our
honeymoon. Feel free to have as much fun with this as you like, but please try to keep things at a PG-13
rating or lower. ;) 
4/20/2012 12:37:37 pm

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