We're excited to announce that we now have our bridal party set!  Check out the bridal party page.  You'll see it's not the traditional guys on one side and girls on the other.  Matt and I decided we wanted to go a slightly different route (thanks for the idea, Steph!)  We are each including our bridal party on our own side, regardless of gender, so that we can be surrounded by our closest family and friends while getting married.

In tradition to the main bridal party, we also have our wonderful flower girl and the holders of the chuppah.  In Jewish weddings, the couple gets married under a chuppah, or a canopy.  It represents the home that the couple will build and live in together.  Traditionally, this was often carried in and held by 4 people, although today people sometimes use static chuppahs.

Matt and I are using the traditional style chuppah, carried in four very important people to us.  We are so happy they are participating in this way!
7/12/2012 12:19:35 pm

Great blog post, thanks for posting this.


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